Legislation Anti-Corruption

Help us to Promote Ethics and Integrity

The Peruvian Government offers a free service to denounce cases of corruption in the state institutions, in accordance with what is established in the Supreme decree N° 046-2013-PCM that communicates the anti-Corruption Strategy of the Executive branch, and the Legislative Decree 1327 on protection for whistleblowers.

If you need to file a complaint about a possible act of corruption or misconduct committed by an employee of our Institution, you can do so Online through our Website. To exercise this right, you need to have in writing the reasons for your accusation. At the end, after receiving your complaint we will provide you with a tracking code so that you can communicate with us and check the status of your application.

You can report cases as the inadequate provision of services, breach of duty of the authorities, irregularities in public procurement, among others. We are committed to follow up on your complaint, we will validate if you meet the requirements and, if necessary, will be distributed to the Peruvian Government. May contact you to request additional information.

  • Requirements
    E-mail address in order to receive notifications.
  • Before you begin, you should know:
    Before you start, you should know: Access to the service and enter the reason for your complaint in a clear way. At the end, you will be sent to your email with a code for you to track your process.

Enter your report

NOTE: By this I am at the disposal of the National School of the Merchant Marine "Almirante Miguel Grau" for any clarification or expansion is required, claiming to have knowledge of what is stated in the Law N° 29542, Law, protection of the complainant in the administrative field and its regulations approved by means of Supreme Decree N° 038-2011-PCM, in order to comply with the established requirements, committing to provide the information that I required about the alleged facts irregular form part of the complaint.