Master's degree in:

Maritime administration Port and fishing


The professional graduate of the Master's degree in Maritime Administration, Port and Fishing, will be qualified to:

Perform efficiently in the maritime industry nationally and internationally, and to apply the specialized procedures that are used in the management moderna companies in the maritime, port and fishing. Propose real and workable solutions to the problems posed by the reality of business in the country, with a solid academic foundation, oriented to the changes generated in the field of maritime, port and fishing.


Offering professionals the opportunity to deepen, enrich knowledge and to build capacity for research in the wide spectrum of the maritime field.


The methodology of teaching for our Master's degree Program is a face-to-face, with active participation, visits to production facilities and companies of interest, exhibitions, debates, academic activities, individual and group.

Directed to:

To graduates of the different careers allied or related to the maritime field and the port, with interest in expanding their knowledge and specialize in business management.

Will be able to register and apply to the Master's degree programs, applicants who meet the academic requirements and administrative set forth in the university law and legal provisions in force.

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